A trip to Burger Project

last saturday me and dani barretto tried this new burger place in taft called burger project.This a cool new hip place in taft where students like me can hang out and eat authentic burgers! One more fun thing about this place is that you can create your own burger and name it! how cool is that? lol. I surely had fun eating here so you guys should try it as well! it’s located at the ground floor grand towers building infront of rizal memorial gym. :)

they have nice interiors and nice ambiance. it’s like a diner in the US. haha!

yummy toppings and sauces! some are free some are not. :)

my date that day, dani barretto with her burger!

closer look of her burger! bacoooonn!!!!!!

my burger!!!! i love those caramelized onions! YUM!

then i showered it with catsup,mayo and mustard! it got YUMMIER! haha!

and here’s the manager posing for us! LOL. I really had fun in my trip to burger project! I will go back and try more toppings and i swear i’ll add more bacon in my burger!  hahaha! 

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