Sweet Tooth

Went to the SuperSale Bazaar at the world trade center to support my classmate Isabelle Dee who owns Once upon a cake. You guys should try Once Upon a cake’s cake pops! it’s so yummy! Of course i went inside the bazaar too to look for some good finds lol. Majority of the booths inside the bazaar are for girls but there were also few booths that catered for guys, i went looking for shoes cuz I now have this urge to buy new combat boots and new oxfords for myself(early christmas gift). I saw what i was looking for at the Sole Service’s booth, here are the shoes i wanted to buy but unfortunately they didn’t have my size :( but i’m sure i’m gonna order soon and get shoes i wanted.


I also saw some good finds at Keep, also a shoe store! :)

After hunting some shoes that is now on my “need to buy” list i went out the tent and satisy my craving for sweets!

Sophie’s mom! I always see this in Vern enciso’s blog! when i read her blog i always crave for red velvet cupcakes! LOL.

Sophie’s Mom’s famous red velvet and chocolate cupcakes! i’m craving for one right now. LOL. 

Now with Once Upon a Cake! That’s Isabelle Dee my classmate and the owner of Once Upon a Cake. Get ready to be hungry and crave for these sweet and yummy cake pops! :>

4 cake flavors, Chocolate, Red velvet,Chocolate peppermint and Carrot!

Cake pops designs are so eye catching at the same time it makes you crave for more and be surprised on what’s inside those design! lol.

Since chritmas is near, these Choco peppermint cake pops are perfect for give aways and gift for your loved ones! You can smell or perhaps taste christmas with these kind of designs! :)

I bought 6 cake pops for my mom and i can’t wait for her to go home cuz I’m sure when she taste these cake pops she’ll be craving for some more! lol. I tasted 2 cake pops earlier and now im tempted to eat the cake pops i bought for my mom. LOL. When you have your first bite you the coating and the cake will blend and melts in your mouth with the fudgy and moist texture of the cake, because of this you’ll be craving for some more so order now!!!! just contact Isabelle Dee for orders at 09175272243. Christmas is so near! these cake pops are perfect for the holidays! LOL. okei i’ll stop now…moving on… Here’s what i wore for the SuperSale bazaar!


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Go to SuperSale Bazaar as soon as  you guys can! there are so may good and cheap finds there! Tomorrow’s the last day so go there as soon as you can! They’ll be open at 10AM and they’ll close at 9PM! See you all tomorrow there! :D happy long weekend everyone! :D

PFW: Oxygen Spring Summer 2012 

Went to Oxygen’s fashion show last october 28 2011. As seen from my recent blog post about the private party last october 8 was the spring summer 2012 collection preview and now they released it just this friday at the SMX convention at the philippine fashion week. I must say it was really an amazing show, good styling, good production and awesome models! congartulations to sir Jeff Bascon and the oxygen team for a job well done! :D here are some photos from the fashion show. ENJOY! :D

I was so flattered when i saw this! 1st time to feel that VIP feeling! LOL. thank you! :)

The fasyon crowd of oxygen! :)

Just have to say it! it’s MARIE DIGBY walking on the oxygen runway! :)

Sir Jeff Bascon! congratulations for the awesome collection and show! It was so nice seeing Fresh, New and Fierce collection from Oxygen! :)

Alyssa lapid, Sarah Meier and her daughter. :)

Me with Alyssa. it was nice seeing you again! :D

with Aisa Ipac :)

Finally after so many events we met Paul Jatayna! lol.

Love birds David Guison and Lissa Kahayon! :)

with singer Marie Digby! she’s so beautiful and white! lol. I have a huge crush on her! :”>

of course we as bloggers have to take outfit photos and do some style hunting! lol.

Gerd perez taking his outfit photo.

Alyssa Lapid

Paul Jatayna

jonver david

Bjorn Bedayo

Zoe :)

Chloe Chotrani :)

This is what i wore at the show, Marcella Gutierrez shirt: OXYGEN, pants: OXYGEN, Accessories: OXYGEN

Hype this look on lookbook.nu HERE

Thank you so much to connect agency,ed lorenzo,cholo dela vega and of course OXYGEN’s brand director Jeff bascon for the invite and welcoming us at your show! :) Cheers to the succesful show! :)

Oxygen’s Private Party

Last October 8, Oxygen clothing invited bloggers to an exclusive party in their trinoma branch,  there were only 25 slected bloggers who were given the chance to see in advance the spring summer collection of oxygen and i was really lucky to be the one of the selected bloggers, I must really say i really really really like the collection, it’s so me with the earthy colors in a preppy but grunge way. so let’s start this blog with what welcomed me at the private party.

Yummy oxygen Cupcakes! I ate like 4 cupcakes i think? LOL.

Cold cuts!

Perrier and apple juice! :)

Anyway, enough about food, Im not really a food blogger. lol. So, let’s talk about the Spring Summer collection that they will showcase on the 29th for Philippine Fashion week. Here are some of my favorite picks from the new collection.

Blazer and pants to die for. I can really see myself wearing it in a very preppy way! :)

2 toned blazer, very good element and detail in an outfit.

Denim vest to die for! when i saw this, i said to myself that this is the first thing i’ll get from the collection! LOL.

Earthy color cardigans! :> 

Another type of a denim vest i also liked. :>

of course tank top for us guys for the summer! Oh how i wish i can pull off tank tops. LOL.

Now for the ladies, i saw awesome pieces! sexy but fresh and fierce pieces for the ladies in this new collection! here are some pieces that caught my attention.

These are some of my favorite pieces from the ladies collection. There are more geat pieces you’ll see in the new collection! LOL.

Anyway, Oxygen was also known for their Graphic tees and shirts with a very artisitic design. This season they collaborated with Fashion Illustrator Marcela Gutierrez, she’s an artist based in New york and Barcelona. if you wanna see here works visit her site HERE. What more can you ask for from oxygen?! they’ve been giving us world class artworks and designs. how awesome is that?! 

Well…talking more about the spring summer 2012 collection, they made the collection soft,with relaxed silhouettes and anti-gender design. A mixture of minimalist and androgynous cuts that uses color splashes from palettes of both sexes like green,blue,yellow and neutrals. Honestly im not a fan of colors but when i saw the collection…I became a fan right after LOL. Im still a fan of the old collection though. The monochromatic, avant garde feel of the collection before , but really! when i saw the new ones i was so stoked. haha.

Here are some photos of things happened at the event…

Gerd Perez and Lorenz Namalata the owner of fifth code where you can buy awesome customized blazers. Blogger friends from CSB!

with the reluctant stylista Alexandria Lipa, also a blogger! Nice meeting you! :)

Gerd and Alex. :)

Gerd, Alex and Oxygen’s Brand Director Jeff Bascon. I bow down to you sir for an awesome collection :D

Sir Jeff Bascon talking about the Spring Summer collection 2012.

With Aljan the man with the magic camera! :>

Gerd and Jonver David also a blogger! nice meeting you jonver! :)

With Edryan Lorenzo of Connect Agency! :) Thank you ed for everything! :)

With Sir Cholo Dela Vega of connect agency! thank you sir cholo for eveything! :)

me, Alex and Sir jeff Bascon. Phot courtesy of Gerd Perez. :)

After all the shinnanigans and kodak moments they told us that they will be giving us 4000 pesos worth of shopping spree! my ears clapped! LOL. Since i really wanted graphic tees, accessories and another pair of reversible jeans of oxygen clothing….i went at that portion of the shop and got everything i wanted LOL.

I was a happy kid after! LOL. phot by Gerd perez. :)

After the Shopping spree, they gave us a gift! an AMAZING gift! lol.

A paper doll of me and a marcela gutierrez shirt! :> :> :> 

alex with her paper doll.

Gerd with his paper doll.

Vergil with his paper doll! it was nice meeting you vergil! :)

Annnnnd of course! we took our outfit photos! LOL.

What i wore, Fedora: TOPMAN,Sweater:TOPMAN,pants:TOPMAN,socks:TOPMAN,Accessories:TOPMAN,boots:Doc martens,Eyeglasses:TOPMAN,polo: MERGER. (everything topman?!?! what’s this! brand ambassador?! LOL jk! hahaha!) Hype this look on lookbook.nu HERE

Again thank you to connect agency for selecting me as one of the bloggers to see Oxygen Clothing’s spring summer 2012 collection in advance! thank you sir Jeff Bacons,Cholo Dela Vega and Edryan Lorenzo for this great opportunity! will blog about the fashion week soon! thank you again! see you all soon and God Bless! :D