I Dance…

soooo…yeah, since im recieving a lot of video requests and questions if I’m really a dancer I shall post some videos of me dancing ( not solo dances because i’m a pussy LOL ) with my teams. well, dancing for me is really important, i’ve been dancing since grade 6 until now. I’ve been dancing hiphop and tried a little-tiny-munchy bit of ballet and contemporary when i stepped into college cuz we are required to. lol. anyway, im doing this not because i wanna brag about my talent but to showcase my passion in dance and also to thank all my mentors and coaches that trusted in my skills and putting me in those very big competitions in the past and of course i wanna thank God for giving me such talent. by the way…im just giving a head’s up, i’ll be dancing with my teams in the videos so yeah…spot me… :P

Skechers 4 ( Finalist )

Coach: Angelica Arda

Skechers Year 5 ( Champions )

Coach: Angelica Arda

Poreotics mall hop, actually i was 1st year in my college that time. just invited by kuya jim to dance with them. :)

coach: Angelica Arda

DLSU’s Dancelebration HS category ( Champions )

coach: Angelica Arda

 UP’s Reverberate ( Champions )

coach: Angelica Arda

A workshop i attended with request! unforgetable moment in my life!!!!!! such inspriations! :)

Coach: Vimi Rivera

Oldschooolll yoooo!!! Skechers 4 elims routine. hahaha!

coach: Angelica Arda

Homecoming with Indaiaw

UST’s arki idol ( i won!!!! lol )

choroeography: me. :p

Dancelebration with SBRDC ( 2nd runner up )

coach: Vimi rivera.

sooooo….these are the only videos i saw on youtube, actually there’s a lot on facebook but i dont know how to share it here. but anyway you’ll be seeing more of my dancing soon and will announce a lot of stuff about dancing soon!! so stay tuned yeah? :) yaaaay! :) huling hirit before i sleep

Summer times with my friend kevin sanchez! LOL. this video is….just for laugh! hehehe! :P


Korinne Aniban’s 18th

Korinne Aniban a close friend of mine, a dancer, member of CSA done deal, member of Legit Status, Member of A-team and a very gorgeous debutante celebrated her 18th at Oceana. A night of good company, good food and all night dancing with dancers. Happy 18th korinne! you’re legal now! God bless and have more birthdays to come! :D

with of course the debutante! :)