Take a Walk

Here’s an outfit where I wore stuff from the past like my hoodie that was given to me before I graduate high school and my first ever rucksack given to me from my first feature for a magazine. It’s also nice searching through your closet and reminisce the good old times and wearing these stuff just means that these pieces are timeless and classic because you can wear it even 5-10 years the day you got it, invest on something that can last long and will never get old and I’m sure you’ll never have a hard time choosing your clothes and you can even save money if you really invest on something very classic! Anyway, wore this to a lunch out with friends, appointements and errands, it’s really comfortable and laid back, It’s just a simple outfit but to give that extra “umf” I wore my ever so trusted boots for the whole outfit to work and have that “I-just-came-out-of-my-room-and-i-don’t-have-anything-to-wear-but-i-have-this-boots-so-it’s-fine-look” look. remember what jessica simpson’s song? boots are made for walking! LOL. but disregard that jessica simpson song because I entitled this post “take a walk” because I was inspired by Passion pit’s Take A Walk music video. hahaha! enough of my  blabbering…here’s what I wore and the brands I’m wearing! :)




jacket ( ZARA), tank top ( FOLDED AND HUNG ), chinos ( COTTON ON ), socks ( TOPMAN ), boots ( UPPER ), aviators ( RAY-BAN ), watch ( VELOCI )


Got this as a gift from my high school friend, actually it was an exchange gift idea that we had before! I exchanged it with my zara shoes ( i think? ) another thing I found inside the closet that I haven’t wore for a long time


watch from veloci — Got this last year for christmas and the good thing about this watch is that you can change the straps. Wore this earth toned strap to match my earth toned outfit. 


can you see my socks? lol. anyway, wore my ever so trusted boots that day to give me a little bit of height and to give that extra “umf” for the whole outfit. 


emote emote lang…


Photo by David Guison

Siberian Breaks

Say hello to the long weekend! this is what i wore yesterday for a normal family sunday quality time. Decided to wear something oversized for comfort like this denim button down i got from folded and hung, If you guys don’t know I’m a sucker for denim. I really love denim because it looks good with everything! hahaha! anyway this week’s my birthday week and i don’t know what to feel about it cuz i’ll be turning 20! I’m getting old! that means more responsibility and more experiences to come! lol. (just sharing ) anyway here’s what i wore…

If you ever wonder who takes my photos, well … anyone who’s willing in my family to kneel down and give time for my outifit shots. but these shots were taken by my borther. :)

fedora ( TOPMAN ), button down ( FODLED AND HUNG ), tank top ( BANGKOK ), necklace ( CRAVEMORE ) pants (JAYJAYS ), boots ( DR.MARTENS ) , socks ( TOPMAN ), bag ( JANSPORT/BRATPACK )

Necklace ( CRAVEMORE )

personalized back pack ( JANSPORT/BRATPACK ) will be posting about my trip to bratpack and how i got this customized jansport! :D

The Sun Came Out

Here’s a really really laid back outfit. Actually I picked every piece rapidly because i was really really late for an “event” with dani barretto. LOL. So this is what I came out with and it’s actually not that bad. Spent the whole day wth The wild ones Kyle and dani. I had so much fun and i feel like in every moment we’re all together we’re infinite (gumaganon?!?! cheessyyyy!!!! ) LOL. anyway here’s what i wore. :)

hanks to Dani Barretto for taking my photos! :)

Aviators ( RAY-BAN ), accessories ( TOMATO & FOLDED AND HUNG ), necklace ( CRAVEMORE ), button down ( TOPMAN ),Tank top ( BANGKOK ), jeans ( 7 FOR ALL MANKIND )

braided bracelets ( TOMATO ), studded leather cuff( FOLDED AND HUNG )

Young Blood necklace by Aidx Paredes ( CRAVEMORE )

Oxfords ( 21MEN )