Prints and Potter

Here’s what i wore after a shoot i’ve done with bloggers Angel rodriguez, Raiza Poquiz, stage actor Jacob Gayanelo and Graphic artist Toff Tiozon. I will blog about the shoot if everything’s done! Even I, can’t wait for the photos and the BTS video made by toff! anyway going back to what I’m wearing…the weather that day was really gloomy so I decided to wear a knitted cardigan  with aztec print details and paired it with a nice fit tank top with prints, also wore a beannie just because it completes the whole look. hahaha! 

Cardigan ( 21MEN ), Tank top ( FOLDED AND HUNG ), pants ( JAY-JAYS ), socks ( TOPMAN ), boots ( UPPER BANGKOK ), Glasses ( INSTARCHITECT )

Credits to Toff Tiozon for taking my outfit shots! :)

These glasses are acually from our architecture general assembly held last wednesday. lol. I bought one because it’s so me. lol. 

printed Tank top from Folded and HungThe material used for this tank top is really nice and I think this tank top will be abused cuz it’s one of my favorite tank top i have right now.